Harmony Acres Arabian Parade Horses

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Harmony Acres Arabian Parade Horses

Harmony Acres was established in 1981 as a small equine breeding farm. During this time, Harmony Acres has produced 40 Arabian and 3 Standard bred foals.

The Amazing Tarifa was the first pure-bred Arabian foal born at the farm. Tarifa was raised with love and training but did not experience imprint training or the desensitization that second born Diamond and later foals would recieve. Tarifa was shown on the Class A Arabian Horse Show circuit extensively during his first five years as a stallion. As a yearling, Tarifa won 1st prize out of his class of 76 nominated yearling colts at the Arabian Horse Association of Michigan Futurity. He also won Western Pleasure and Native Costume Classes when he matured and showed in performance classes.

In addition to Parade Training, Tarifa, Diamond, and Sadefa have also been trained in Search and Rescue, trail riding, and as Therapy Mounts since 1995. They have been safe mounts for blind children and thoes in leg braces out of wheel chairs in the 4-H Program, Proud Equestrians. The big smiles seen from these children reflect the joy of independence and control horseback riding gives to them.

Tarifa and Diamond have been involved for several years in demonstration clinics on Parade Training, De-spooking Techniques, Trail Training, Trick Training. and for Parade Fashion Shows and Spotlight on Michigan Horses at the North American Horse Spectacular, in Novi MI, and The International Stallion Exposition and Trade Show at the MSU Horse Pavilion in Lansing, MI. .

Tarifa now has an extensive library of over sixty tricks based on the four commands: "KICK IT", "GET IT", "SHAKE IT", and "PUSH IT"

Nancy Harm is a retired psychology professor at Schoolcraft College in Livonia,Mi. Her training includes a B.S. degree from the University of New Hampshire, a M.S. and ED. S.degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Michigan. She has a permanent Michigan Teaching Certificate with an Early Childhood Endorsement. Over the years, she has learned to adapt many Child Psychology and Learning theories and techniques to the training of of her Arabian horses. Nancy grew up on a farm in N.H. with ponies and Brown Swiss dairy cattle which the family raised and showed. She and her family were very active in the 4-H program.

Harmony Acres is an Arabian Horse Discovery Farm. In 2010 Harmony Acres adopted four homeless rescue horses. These included two foals, a 3 year old filly, and a brood mare. All are progressing wonderfully, starting saddle training and will be featured in future expo clinics and parades. Find out more